FH-1 Single Filter Housing


The FH-1 is our most compact filter-housing.


Product Description

The FH-1 is our most compact filter-housing.   We designed this filter specifically for compact locations and today’s high-efficiency engines.    We believe the FH-1 is a substantial drop-in upgrade for almost any application currently being served by a single fuel or oil filter.

Some of the most common applications for the FH-1 are Diesel TDI Volkswagen’s, Upgrades for stock fuel filters in Cummins,Detroit,PowerStroke,Duramax and Isuzu Diesel Motors

Other uses for the FH-1 Include:

  • Waste-cooking oil Fuel Systems
  • Heavy Equipment
  • High Performance Auto/Truck Fuel Systems
  • Fuel filter upgrades for most engines
  • Stand-by Generators
  • CNC/Machine Coolant Filtration
  • Bio-Diesel Production
  • Yacht and Marine Motors



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