FH-2 Double Filter Housing



Product Description

The FH-2 is our most popular filter-housing.  We feel it offers the peak of price vs performance for almost any application.   The dual filters operating in Parallel is the key to our design.  You can get upwards of 300% more service life out of the same filter when you run two in Parallel.   The pair of filters can continuing providing ample filtration and flow-rate together well beyond the maximum you could obtain with two filters used to capacity individually.

We recommend the FH-2 for any standard duty applications such as Full sized trucks, Performance Cars, Marine motors and stand-by generators.

Typical uses for the FH-2 Include:

  • Waste-cooking oil Fuel Systems
  • Heavy Equipment
  • High Performance Auto/Truck Fuel Systems
  • Over the Road Trucking
  • Stand-by Generators
  • CNC/Machine Coolant Filtration
  • Bio-Diesel Production
  •  Yacht and Marine Motors
  • Anywhere you need long service life and precise control of your fuel,oil or coolant quality.



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